An optimal collaborative control strategy for your wind farm

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It is well known that wake losses are a major contributor to the performance degradation of wind farms. In multi-row wind farms, especially offshore installations, these losses can account for 10-20 % of the Annual Energy Production (AEP). Moreover, wake phenomena introduce additional turbulence, resulting in increased loads, vibrations, and potential reductions in the lifetime of wind turbines and foundations. Traditionally, wind turbines have been individually controlled to face the incoming wind, aiming to maximize their individual power production. However, this "individualistic" control strategy overlooks wake effects and is suboptimal for overall wind farm performance.
To address this challenge, a "collaborative" control strategy can be implemented, specifically designed to mitigate wake effects and optimize production at the wind farm level. Among the various control strategies, wake steering has emerged as the most promising and easiest to implement. Wake steering involves intentionally misaligning some or all wind turbines from the incoming wind direction to deflect their wakes. By doing so, the production of downstream wind turbines is improved, leading to an overall increase in energy production. However, developing an effective wake steering control strategy is complex, as it requires a deep understanding of wake physics and the consideration of structural health aspects of the assets.

GreenWITS Solutions

GreenWITS develops a robust and effective "collaborative" approach based on the wake steering concept. It leverages continuous flow and load identification within the wind farm, enabling the derivation of optimal yaw setpoints while minimizing mechanical loads. This continuous identification is made possible through GreenWITS wind farm Digital Twin solution, providing real-time and precise assessments of flow and load conditions. This capability is crucial for achieving closed-loop control, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

GreenWITS wake steering solution
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An easy-to-implement solution

Our solution is adaptable to either existing wind farms, with the addition of our yaw control box as minimal hardware, and new projects in collaboration with wind turbine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
We provide seamless integration and cooperation to ensure the successful implementation of our control system.

GreenWITS yaw control box
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Significant gains in AEP

By implementing GreenWITS collaborative control system, wind farm owners can realize significant gains in Annual Energy Production (AEP) of up to 3-4% in dense wind farms while maintaining the health of the assets. Choosing GreenWITS, you not only benefit from our control logic but also gain access to Digital Monitoring capabilities. Our advanced monitoring solutions optimize both the performance and structural health of your wind farm.

Customer Benefits

AEP gains up to 3-4% AEP

Load mitigation

Benefits from GreenWITS Digital Monitoring

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