Creation of GeenWITS

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) and three of its employees have created GreenWITS, a pioneering company specializing in digital solutions for the wind energy sector. As a subsidiary of the IFPEN Group and headquartered in the Lyon region, GreenWITS represents the result of over 12 years of wind energy research conducted by IFPEN. With the wind energy market projected to grow significantly in the coming years, GreenWITS aims to enable project developers & operators to enhance the design, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of wind farms. This will be instrumental in driving the widespread deployment of renewable energy solutions.
GreenWITS brings together a team of highly skilled engineers and researchers with expertise in areas such as simulation, computer science, and data science.

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June 01st, 2023

"The differentiating approach of GreenWITS lies in the desire to reconcile physical models with the technical data recorded during the operation of a wind farm. We use advanced simulation to design new solutions and analyze wind turbine performance using data analysis and artificial intelligence methods. In this way, we meet the needs of the industry to reduce uncertainties in terms of electricity production and operating costs", explains Daniel Averbuch, CEO of GreenWITS.

Capitalizing on more than 12 years of IFPEN's research and innovation (R&I) in wind energy

The establishment of GreenWITS aligns with IFPEN's strategic objective of commercializing its research outcomes and transforming them into tangible solutions for the industry. GreenWITS will leverage the software solutions developed within IFPEN, benefiting from exclusive licenses. Furthermore, IFPEN and GreenWITS will collaborate on co-developing further innovations, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. To continue anticipating the future needs of the wind energy industry, IFPEN will maintain an ongoing research program dedicated to wind power.

"We are delighted to contribute to the establishment of a young company in the wind energy sector. It is part of our DNA to promote our research and support emerging sectors in the energy transition. The collaboration agreement will also enable GreenWITS to offer a unique and continually improving service, thanks to the ongoing wind energy research conducted by IFPEN", says Pierre-Franck Chevet, President of IFPEN.

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