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In the process of wind farm development, the design and engineering of wind turbine generators (WTG), bottom-fixed or floating foundations, and inter-array and export cables are paramount. Ensuring these components are appropriately designed is a complex and vital task, considering the site-specific nature of each project and the rapid evolution of wind turbine technology. This challenge becomes even more pronounced in the context of floating wind development, where additional complexity come into play. To tackle this challenge head-on, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of the behavior of these systems and to utilize the right design tools.

GreenWITS Solutions

At GreenWITS, our team of seasoned design engineers brings a wealth of experience in developing dynamic load simulation software and executing load calculations for industrial projects.
GreenWITS team has the experience of working with most offshore wind turbines OEMs and has developed over the past decade, a comprehensive library of proprietary and academic WTG models. Ranging from 10 to 25 MW, these models can be readily deployed in the early stages of a project to facilitate the design of other components, such as foundations. To ensure seamless integration, a WTG controller model is customized to match the unique characteristics of each project.
To accurately perform load calculations, GreenWITS leverages a combination of industrial-grade software and advanced simulation tools. We are proficient in utilizing leading software solutions like DeepLines Wind™ and Orcaflex, empowering us to deliver precise and reliable results.

Coupled Simulation
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Advanced methodologies to tackle complex challenges

  • GreenWITS goes beyond conventional solutions by offering advanced methodologies to tackle complex challenges in assets optimization. One such approach is the utilization of Dynamic Wake Meandering Models, specifically tailored for scenarios where wind turbine generators (WTG) are situated within a farm. Accurate determination of wind speed and turbulence intensity in wakes is crucial for determining mechanical loads.
  • GreenWITS uses these models to precisely define wake behavior, resulting in improved load analysis and enhanced overall design.
  • GreenWITS can also use advanced aerodynamic models, including vortex simulators, in combination with dynamic simulation tools. This powerful combination allows us to address complex flow situations, which may be encountered by the turbine during transient events or in floating wind.
Dynamic wake meandering model

Fast adaptive fatigue analyses

GreenWITS team utilizes specific Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques, improving the way fatigue analyses are conducted. By applying these innovative approaches, we drastically reduce computational time while facilitating iterative design loops.
This efficient methodology streamlines the optimization process, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions with greater speed and accuracy.

Customer Benefits

Over 50% engineering time saving

Improved accuracy

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