A comprehensive digital monitoring solution combining data sciences and physics-based models

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GreenWITS understands that optimizing the performance and health of wind assets is crucial for the profitability of wind farm owners. These factors directly impact operational efficiency and ultimately determine the success of wind energy projects. While a wealth of data is available from Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) SCADA and monitoring systems, identifying phenomena, and differentiating their origins remains a challenge.
Traditional health monitoring approaches involve the installation of sensors at critical locations on the structure to measure strains and vibrations under constant supervision. However, these methods can be costly and may lack long-term durability, making it difficult to comprehensively monitor all assets within a wind farm. This limitation results in increased inspection expenses and heightened risks of unexpected downtime and maintenance costs.

GreenWITS Solutions

To address the double challenge of performance and health monitoring, GreenWITS offers a comprehensive solution that combines data science and simulation techniques. Our innovative approach harnesses the power of both Machine Learning and physical simulation to extract valuable insight from customer data and derive key performance indicators (KPIs) for optimizing wind farm operations. At the core of our solution are digital twins of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and entire wind farms.
These digital twins are calibrated physical models that continuously integrate real data from the assets, ensuring accurate and up-to-date representations. By leveraging our solution and providing SCADA and/or vibration data, customers can achieve a range of benefits, including :

  • Identifying Underperformances: Our solution enables the detection of underperformances in wind assets, uncovering root causes such as yaw misalignment, control settings issues, or inadequate sector management.
  • Load Monitoring and Fatigue Consumption: Virtual sensing techniques can be used to monitor the loads of both WTGs and foundations, providing valuable insight into fatigue consumption. Virtual sensing consists in the estimation of mechanical loads at location with no sensors, from other quantities (SCADA & vibrations data) measured at other locations of the structure.
  • Structural Abnormality Detection: Our solution detects and quantifies structural abnormal vibrations, empowering customers to pinpoint root causes and take corrective actions.
GreenWITS Digital Monitoring approach
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Underperformance Correction Benefits

Our solution enables you to identify and rectify underperformances, ensuring your wind assets achieve their full production potential.

Health Monitoring Benefits

  • Inspection Optimization:Optimize inspection strategies for Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and foundations based on real mechanical loading seen by the assets. This targeted approach reduces inspection costs and enhances maintenance planning.
  • Residual Lifetime Evaluation:By evaluating the fatigue consumption of components, we provide insight into the residual lifetime of your wind farm. This information facilitates project valuation throughout its lifespan and allows for informed decisions regarding lifetime extension.
  • Rotor Imbalance Detection:Our solution accurately detects and quantifies rotor imbalances, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of premature component failure. Timely corrective actions can be taken to maintain the overall health of your wind assets.
  • Offshore Foundation Defect Detection:GreenWITS specializes in identifying and quantifying defects on offshore foundations, including phenomena like scouring and marine growth. This capability allows for proactive interventions, preventing potential structural issues and minimizing downtime.
GreenWITS Fatigue Loads Virtual Sensing
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Optimal Monitoring Strategies

Our techniques extend beyond diagnosis and correction. We assist you in defining optimal monitoring strategies by determining the nature and locations of sensors required to calibrate the digital twin of the monitored asset.
This tailored approach ensures accurate and reliable data collection for ongoing analysis and maintenance.

Customer Benefits

Provision of information needed to correct underperformance of 1-2% AEP

Reduced inspection costs

Asset redisual life evaluation and lifetime extension quantification

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